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What we do and how our association is structured

Rabenclan was founded in Everswinkel, Westphalia, in 1994. The association is financed exclusively by membership fees. Currently it has approximately 140 members. Our activities are results of a lively and colourful democracy. There is neither a religious founder determining the events nor any common "doctrines of faith". The association has no missionary intentions whatsoever, as such intentions make no sense from a natural religious or polytheistic point of view.

The manifold work groups are organised on the basis of grassroots democracy. They deal with public relations, healing traditions, political responsibility, magic, music, event organisation and much more. Some work groups hold regional and sometimes supraregional meetings during the year, while various teams of the event organisation group host festivities for the whole association. These festivities are often held at dates corresponding with the festivals of the year usually held by European heathens, like the celtic cross-quarter days (Beltane, Imbolc, Lughnasad and Samhain) oder solstices and equinoxes. The Rabenclan annual general meeting at Samhain (celtic name of "All Saints' Day - October 30th) and the spring festival Beltane (Walpurgisnacht - April 30th) have become fixed dates during the course of the year. However, there is no mandatory "calendar of events".

Rabenclan publishes a magazine for its members, it is called "Heidenarbeit ?" (a wordplay meaning "work for/done by pagans" as well as "a hell of a job"). Its 40-70 pages are filled with essays on topics like magic, neopaganism, culture and society as well as reports about Rabenclan activities and members' comments on current developments. "Heidenarbeit ?" is a magazin from members for members, yet it contains more than dry infos. Apart from cartoons, stories, poems and pictures, all sorts of things find their way not only to the editorial team but almost always into the next edition. The managing committee of the Rabenclan consists of five persons. Having no religious function at all, it merely co-ordinates and executes the administrative work of the association. The managing committee is elected bi-annually during the general meeting. Several times per year, a newsletter is published by the managing committee, announcing public and internal Rabenclan events and giving prompt reports on current events. Individual members as well as work groups use the newsletter to inform about their projects. The newsletter also contains formal publications, such as minutes or annual reports. Any natural person or legal entity may become a member of Rabenclan, provided that the statutes of the association are accepted. The basic Rabenclan aims are stated in the preamble of our statutes.

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Aktiv den Verein mitgestalten, neue Menschen kennenlernen, interne Rundbriefe erhalten, regionale Angebote nutzen, ermäßigte Teilnahme an den Veranstaltungen - wir freuen uns auf Euch!
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Bücherspiegel 2016
Neue englischsprachige Monografie über (neo-)germanisches Heidentum von Stefanie von Schnurbein erschienen. Der Rabenclan wird rund ein dutzend Mal erwähnt. Mehr Informationen hier.

Kulturhistorische Beiträge

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